The Benefits of Digital Dental X-Rays

Digital radiography is becoming a popular method for dental x-rays across the country. With digital x-rays, the dental hygienist inserts a sensor, similar to the bitewings used in traditional x-rays, into your mouth to capture the digital images of your teeth. There are several benefits to using digital radiography over traditional x-rays.

Less Radiation

  • The main benefit of using digital x-rays over traditional ones is less radiation. Although bitewing x-rays are extremely safe, the digital option is convenient for patients who have other x-rays on a regular basis or for those who are concerned and would like the lowest radiation option available.

Higher-Quality Images

  • With a standard x-ray, a dentist prints the film, holds it up to the light and attempts to read it. With digital x-rays, your hygienist can take the image, bring it up on a computer monitor and manipulate it. For example, the image can  be enlarged for a better look or change the brightness and contrast, which allows your dentist to identify cavities that may not have been seen on a traditional x-ray.
  • Transferring Dental Records
  • Whether you need to see a specialist or surgeon or you decide to change your dental provider, transferring your dental records can be a pain. To transfer traditional x-rays, copies must be made and mailed to the new provider. With digital x-rays, the digital files can be sent by email, allowing your new provider to review the information immediately.

Shorter Dental Appointments

  • No one likes to spend her day at any appointment, let alone at a dental office. With traditional x-rays, you have to sit through the lengthy x-rays and then sit around waiting for the film to develop. With digital radiography, your x-rays are available almost instantly; you will be in and out of your appointment in no time.

The topic of x rays can be controversial, but the concensus is that many problems can, in fact be detected early with x rays – helping to keep you out of pain!

Until next time, Keep smiling!

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