Welcome All You Smart, Oral Health Conscious Individuals!

It is a wonderfully, sunny winter day here in Maine! Teeth as white as Snow!
As I begin this journey of blogging, I will tell you I’m so excited to have a venue- a “public Service Announcement area”, if you will, to spread information, squash dental fears and to be a constant resource for YOU when it comes to topics and “goings-on” that just may help you live a long healthy life!

I will keep you posted on a variety of topics ranging from what brand of toothpaste is most recommeded,  where you can find free health/dental screening clinics to up-and coming 5K road races for various causes!

SO join ME (as in Maine)..in becoming a healthier, well informed, community minded state!

As my Great Gram Harmon once said, “The one thing that goes the farthest, toward making life worthwhile, that costs the least and does the most, is just a pleasant smile”!



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